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Corporate Events


What makes Kirala island the best choice for your next event

Easy Accessibility

Close to Nature, near to city – Kirala Island is the perfect hideout amidst the Colombo city limit

Relaxing Atmosphere

Completely surrounded by Kirala trees, the Island has a serene, soothing vibe creating a relaxing atmosphere

Best Amenities

All the modern luxury amenities & facilities to make a your celebration impressive and memorable

Best Food

Mouth watering native & international cuisine and the choice to make customized recipes as you like


If you’re looking for a unique venue that blends Nature with high-end facilities and a fantastic location, Kirala Island is your perfect match.

Whether you want to arrange a function or impress important prospects, Kirala Island is probably the best on offer.

The excellent local & international cuisine, relaxing exterior & interior atmosphere and easy access make Kirala Island a desirable choice for formal meetings & functions.


Organize the next conference, seminar, workshop, presentation or training program at Kirala Island and give your employees a unique experience that makes a memorable impression.

The island can accommodate upto 200 people and is ideal to support conferences and traisning sessions.


Kirala Island is the perfect place for excellent outdoor team building activities. We offer a large variety of outdoor team building activities including several water sporting activities which not only ensure guests make the most of the outdoors but also provide a genuine team building experience.

If you need to organize a customized unique outdoor team building session, we can fully assist you with your requirements. The island is isolated from the main land making it ideal for a variety of thrilling & adventurous team building activities.


Kirala Island provides a unique and convenient setting for corporate outings. Whether you’re envisioning an employee event, a year end get together or just fellowship with colleagues, Kirala Island will certainly be a one of a kind experience.